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History of Hemp

It is believed that hemp made it to Europe in approximately 1,200 BC. From there, it spread throughout the ancient world. China appears to have the longest continuous history of Hemp cultivation (over 6000 years). France has cultivated Hemp for at least 700 years to the present day, Spain and Chile similarly

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Before you buy, do your research and conclude what many of our customers have come to find about our products. Simply put, we offer the highest grade, purity and quality of products on the market.

CBD and Pets

Customers have used our products on their pets with great degrees of success. Read more on how it can help your pet(s). 

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All of our products are tested to show purity and quality. We provide the finest organic products on the market. 

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The Federal Drug Administration is continually reviewing and modifying policies in this industry. Read our disclaimer regarding the source material used in our products and their regulations.

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