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Eight Ways to Get Paid

We believe in our products so much that we created a program to allow you to become an ambassador. Enjoy our products at a discounted rate while making money developing your business with us. 

Join Nature’s Greatest Organics (NGO) today and bring in more customers, recruit others and enjoy distributing our products in an effort to grow and make more money. Don’t just become a consumer, become and affiliate now.

How Nature’s Greatest Organics Compensation Plan Works

All new affiliates join by purchasing an NGO membership for a yearly fee of $99.00. As a new member, you’ll start the program at Level 1. Level 1 members get paid a distribution for each customer that that associates with them when purchasing our products. 

Our system works on levels — the more product you sell, the higher your membership climbs, which in turn means your compensation is higher at each level.

With each level your price point lowers per unit which gives you the opportunity to sell our products to your customers with a higher margin at your own store or ours. A higher margin means more profit!

Discounted Products

As an affiliate, you’ll get our products at a discounted rate. The more you sell the potential for a higher discount at each level.

Increasing Compensation

As you sell more, not only will your discount be larger, but you’ll also receive compensation for each product post sale.

Grow Your Own Affiliates

Grow your own affiliates and not only will they get paid in the same manner, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of such margins.

Rx Partnerships

Our product line is consumer grade, but our supplier has been doing business with health care providers for years. If you have a customer in the health care field and would like to sell our products at prescription grade levels you’ll be greatly compensated.

Complete Back Office Module

The back office is a complete business in a box! It includes:

  • A Welcome Kit with Results Tracker
  • Become Trained and Tested in order to become FDA Compliant
  • Get a personalized Affiliate Link to our website
  • Get our demo videos, PDF training and our entire Success Library
  • Get e-Card files and Sales Brochure to jump start your marketing efforts
  • Each distributor gets an advanced back office business suite
  • Run your business anywhere you are


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