Feel invigorated.
Sleep restfully.

Feel rested after a good night sleep. Two drops of our 1,000 mg extract will help you rest and awaken refreshed.

Health and Vitality

A healthier future with our organic line of products. Live better and feel your best.

Strength and Vigor

Reduce pain and inflammation and get back to living a life full of energy.

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99 % Pure Cannabidiol – NO THC

Proprietary Nanotechnology

Nanoemulsion Technology Boosts Hemp Absorption

Nanoemulsion means lipid nanoparticles rapidly deliver active diols through the mouth, bypassing slower digestion in the gut. Raises serum active diol levels 5x higher at ⅓ the cost of the competition per mg absorbed.

A New Breed of Hemp

Laboratory Proven for Higher Bioavailability

Our proprietary formula skips digestion to get more active diols into your bloodstream faster.

Our hemp is proven by lab results:

  • Fast acting: Effects in as little as 5 minutes
  • 5x better absorption: Than other oral hemp products, measured by serum active diol levels
  • 3x better value: More value, milligram for milligram absorbed, than the competition

High Absorption – OVER 80%!

Properiety Nanotech Delivery System

Our high absorption hemp extract delivers pure active diols to your bloodstream at 1/3 the cost per mg absorbed compared to other Hemp products. Organically farmed, Colorado grown, non-GMO, non-psychoactive, and rich in active diols and terpenes for enhanced effect.


Success Stories and Testimonies

Professional, Friendly, and Knowledgeable

This company provided an exceptional client experience. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Used CBD products for the first time and felt improvement with tendinitis immediately. I came back to reorder same product again!

I noticed they sold a grade for pets and I also bought it. What an improvement it has made in their lives as they have now aged and slowed down like me.

I also got CBD oil for a sick family member which has been helping to control pain. I am truly amazed by products, highly recommend!

James B.

The Best CBD Product On The Market

Nature’s Greatest is by far hands down the best CBD product on the market. After using Nature’s Greatest and then trying several others, I now use Nature’s Greatest exclusively. I also use the salve and recently started using the CryoGel. I’m a distance runner and these Nature’s Greatest products are an integral part of my healing. I’m running and competing thanks to Nature’s Greatest.

Elizabeth M.

I Am A Believer

I was in an accident and have been suffering from whiplash and neck pain. No medication nor any treatment has provided any relief, not to mention I have been losing sleep as a result. My husband brought this home for me to try and I was skeptical but I relented and was pleasantly surprised. It alleviated the pain, it relaxed me and I slept peacefully for over 12 hours. I am a believer and love this product.

Merry K.

Curious? Ready To Make a Real Change? Try It Out!

We Have Samples Available For You To Try

If you’re on the fence and are deciding if this product is right for you, try our special 7-day sample bottle!  We are so confident that you will start to feel the amazing effects of our formula in just one week that we are offering our sample for just $40! 

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